EEB 245: Evolutionary Biology --- Spring 2007

The original syllabus for this course was constructed in WebCT and had different formatting and additional content.

Instructor: Dr. John Cooley

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, The University of Connecticut

500A Biology/Physics


Lectures T, Th. 9:30-10:45 CHEM 110

Lecture topics, readings, and assignments

MonthDateLecture TopicPages in FutuymaOther ReadingsDue
January16The science of nature, and the nature of science13-15Alexander 1979
18The revolution, Evolution and society523-543Pigliucci 2002
23Threads of the Revolution1-13
25Taxonomy and systematics17-42Problem Set 1 due
29Optional Workshop on Reading Primary Literature7:00 PM BSP 131
30Genetic Variation161-188
February1Hardy Weinberg189-224
6Other modes of Evolution225-246
8Natural Selection247-257Wallace 1967, Kritsky 2001 Ch. IVProblem Set 2 due
13Selection and the synthesis269-296Stebbins 1966
15Patterns and adaptations43-66
20Lecture Exam 1
22The Fossil Record67-90Problem Set 3 due
27The Fossil Record91-116
13Adaptation260-264, 297-324Gould and Lewontin 1979, Queller 1995
20Adaptation Redux297-323
22Adaptation and Development473-499Kritsky 2001 Ch. VI
27Levels of Selection257-260Williams 1966Problem Set 4 due
29Lecture Exam 2
April3Geographic patterns117-138
5What are species, anyway?353-378Berlocher 1998
10Modes of speciation379-404Darwin 1851
12Evolutionary chases and races429-448
17Social Interactions325-329; 339-354
19Sexual Selection254, 329-339Darwin 1871
24Reproductive Success405-428Pigliucci and Kaplan 2006
26HumanityAlexander 1979 (preface), Dawkins 1989, Larson 2004Problem Set 5 due
April 30Final Exam


Lecture Exam 1200
Lecture Exam 2200
Final Exam300
Problem Set 120
Problem Set 230
Problem Set 330
Problem Set 430
Problem Set 530

Grading notes for EEB 245 assignments:

3% of the points will be deducted for each day an assignment or problem set is late.