The 2017 Periodical Cicada Emergence

Periodical cicadas are one of nature’s wonders-millions of insects singing, flying, and then gone before you know it.

In 2017, Periodical Cicada Brood VI emerged in the mountains of North Carolina and in isolated spots in northeast Georgia and northwest South Carolina.  This site is designed to be a source of information about periodical cicadas in general and about the specific details of Brood VI.  This site is also part of a crowdsourcing effort to collect information about periodical cicada sightings from the public.

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Brood VI
Periodical Cicada Brood VI.  Brown symbols are verified records in the Database in February 2017. Gold are from Simon (1988). Blue symbols are from Marlatt (1923). Smaller symbols are records with a lower degree of certainty, and question marks or open symbols (on top of other symbols or alone) represent records that are considered spurious. Symbols are in layered in the order Database, Simon, Marlatt, and symbols in the upper layers may obscure symbols in lower layers.