The 2019 Periodical Cicada Emergence

Periodical cicadas are unique in that all (or nearly all) members of the population emerge in one year and then are absent in the intervening years.

Periodical cicada Brood VIII are emerginge in Western Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, and the West Virginia Panhandle in 2019.  Of particular interest is whether Brood VIII and Brood V meet or overlap. Our map of the 2016 emergence of Brood V is a detailed guide that will help us search for the boundary between these two broods.

Among other 17-year broods, four-year late Brood IV are appearing in Nebraska, Kansas  Oklahoma and Texas.  Some of the emergences in Oklahoma and Texas are dense enough to create choruses.

Among the 13-year broods, four-year late Brood XXIII may appear.

No four-year early 17-year or 13-year cicadas are expected.