Brood XIV

Brood XIV populations bordering Brood X may sometimes be mistaken for populations of Brood X because the broods share boundaries, are offset by four years, and four-year early or late stragglers from either brood could easily be attributed to the wrong brood (see Lloyd and White 1976).  Brood X exists in four distinct patches: 1) A large, central patch extending form northeast Georgia to southern Ohio; 2) A smaller patch in central Pennsylvania; 3) Populations on Long Island; and 4) Populations on Cape Cod.  In Ohio, populations of Broods VI, X, and XIV are closely associated, and local populations may be switching from one brood schedule to another (see Kritsky 1992, Kritsky and Young 1992, Kritsky et al. 2009).  Both Long Island and Cape Cod populations are unusual for their occurrence on sandy soil.

Brood XIV
Brown symbols are verified records in the Database in February 2017. Gold are from Simon (1988). Blue symbols are from Marlatt (1923). Smaller symbols are records with a lower degree of certainty, and question marks or open symbols (on top of other symbols or alone) represent records that are considered spurious. Symbols are in layered in the order Database, Simon, Marlatt, and symbols in the upper layers may obscure symbols in lower layers.


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