Brood XXII

The Lower Mississipian Brood

13-year Brood XXII is a small brood found near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It contains only Magicicada tredecim, M. tredecassini, and M. tredecula. Surprisingly, Brood XXII has a disjunct in southern Ohio and northern Kentucky, containing the same three species (Kritsky et al. 2017).

Brood XXII
Brown symbols are verified records in the Database in February 2017. Gold are from Simon (1988). Blue symbols are from Marlatt (1923). Smaller symbols are records with a lower degree of certainty, and question marks or open symbols (on top of other symbols or alone) represent records that are considered spurious. Symbols are in layered in the order Database, Simon, Marlatt, and symbols in the upper layers may obscure symbols in lower layers.


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